“Help Wanted” Redefined

Find reliable entry-level help

without the hassle.

If you own or manage a local retail, food, or service business, chances are you’re looking for reliable entry-level help.

The problem is, the “standard” job application is anything but helpful.

ApployMe quickly pairs motivated, competent job seekers with businesses looking to hire without the tedious, time-consuming, hair-pulling process of online applications.

Avoid The Flood of Generic Resumes

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at the end of a long day to an inbox full of generic “spray and pray” resumes and cover letters.

And when you do finally try to schedule an interview with an online applicant, half the time they show up late and unprepared (or don’t even bother to show up at all).

In reality, the supposed “efficiency” of online hiring often times makes it harder to find a reliable employee, rather than easier.

On the other hand, traditional paper applications take time and attention - the two things you don’t have during a busy workday.

With apployMe You're in full control of hiring with just a few taps!

With apployMe you can easily manage your businesses hiring
Someone who actually takes the initiative to show up to your location.

When you have a new opening to post:

Create a new position inside the ApployMe platform.

Print and showcase the apployMe "Help Wanted" flier with the integrated QR code inviting Job Seekers to apply!

Job Seekers can now easily submit electronic applications to your business by simply scanning the QR code displayed in your storefront.

Reach out to the Job Seekers that match your employment criteria.

Finally, print the application (with form fields for SS #, wage, and signature) so that the application turns into an offer letter for the candidate when you’re ready to move forward.

Welcome to the new in-store job application. "Help Wanted" Redefined.


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