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If you’re a student looking for part-time work or a summer job, there are local businesses near you who need reliable entry-level help.

ApployMe quickly pairs motivated, competent job seekers with businesses looking to hire without the tedious, time-consuming, hair-pulling process of online applications.

The “Black Hole” of Online Applications

Looking for a job? Good luck.

Nowadays, even for the simplest of jobs you have to either:

  1. Create a resume, struggle through a cover letter, and fill out a gauntlet of online forms full of personality assessments and hoop-jumping, only to hear back from 5% of the jobs you apply to.
  2. Go store to store, awkwardly asking to speak to the manager, and suffer through the weird looks and raised eyebrows, only to have them tell you to “just apply online.”

It’s no wonder the youth unemployment rate still stands at almost 10%1 even while the economy continues to boom.


ApployMe Makes Applications Quick and Easy

ApployMe simplifies the application process. If you’re motivated, responsible, and ready to work, finding a steady job just got a whole lot easier:

Set up a simple, universal profile you can use for all of your applications (instead of filling in the same information over and over again)

Use the search tool to quickly locate businesses near you that are actually hiring (instead of applying online only to find out the position was already filled)

Immediately set yourself apart by heading to the business itself to apply by scanning the QR code they’ve posted

Easily track and follow up on the job you’ve applied to, all in one place

So stop sending resume after resume into the “black hole,” and start applying to real, local jobs, ready to hire you.


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