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apployMe The Application App

Poached works okay… sometimes – but at apployMe we wanted to be better than just okay.

Every one of our applicants has to verify their identities with their cell phone number – no google numbers, just humans. We also make sure they live within 20 miles of your business, so there’s no fake applicants or remote job searchers that you’re paying good money for, but who have no intention of working for you.


We also get you a personalized QR code for in-person and social media, so that applicants can just scan and apply. You get back to them on your time and not during the rush. Plus, you cut down on all that paperwork clutter.


Your jobs are automatically saved for you, even when the position is filled, so you don’t have to take your valuable time to repost it when you need another employee.


But the best part? There’s one flat monthly fee, and you’re only charged for a month when people are applying for your jobs. So when you’ve got plenty of help – there’s no charge. Plus we don’t nickel and dime you to raise your job posting up in the listings – they just go out automatically to eligible applicants nearby.



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We’re happy to make your life easier with our much better than “okay” hiring app,