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apployMe The Application App

apployMe App Simplifies Hiring Process

In just a few days, a new, game-changing app will go live in the App Store and on Google Play. I believe this app has the potential to drastically change the hiring process for both job-seekers and busy hiring managers. At the center of this new app, called Apployme, is the easy-to-use QR Code that gives job seekers quick access to job openings and allows employers, like restaurants and stores, to automate much of the initial hiring process.

The idea for Apployme began with a very personal experience several years ago when I was visiting my Mom’s restaurant. The restaurant needed to hire additional staff and had hung a ‘Hiring now, Apply within’ sign in the window. Several potential employees saw the sign and came into the restaurant to get more information. But the busy manager did not have time to meet with each person right away so they had to wait for a long time.
My heart ached for everyone involved including:

  • The job seekers for having to wait so long to interview with the manager
  • The manager, who I knew was way too busy to stop work and spend several hours meeting with candidates that may or may not be the best fit for the openings
  • And for my Mom’s business, because I knew they desperately needed several new employees to help with everything from cooking to service to cleaning

I saw these potential candidates wait for over an hour to meet with the manager, and many finally gave up and left. Watching this same situation happen over and over again is what lead to my lightbulb idea that has now evolved into the Apployme app.

Taking an Idea From Imagination to Hiring App Reality

My first thought was that I wished I could step-in and meet with these potential candidates myself even though I didn’t work at the restaurant. Then I realized that technology might be able to solve the problem. What if potential employees could learn about available positions and apply directly from the business’s door without having to wait to meet with the manager?

I quickly opened my MacBook and started writing down my ideas. A few days later, WhatsApp web was introduced to the world, and while I was scanning a QR Code from my mobile phone to link the WhatsApp web to my account … I had a Jimmy Neutron ‘BRAIN BLAST!’

What if businesses had a unique ‘job openings’ QR Code they could display in their storefront window? Job seekers could scan the code, read about the available positions, and apply right away in the app without having to wait for hours to meet with the hiring manager.

I got to work immediately, imagining and building the app on paper including every screen, button and menu. And I took it to an app development firm. My friends all heard about my white-hot passion for this app that I truly believe will help change, simplify and improve the entire hiring process for so many businesses and job seekers.

As of today, we have opened an office in Dallas, and our employees are finalizing the development and design of the app. In the next few days, you will be able to download ApployMe from the App Store & Google Play and begin a new adventure in job searching and hiring through our first pilot. We look forward to starting this journey with you and hearing about your experiences with ApployMe.

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