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apployMe The Application App

Jump Start Your Business With 3 Months Free!


Oh, business owners, we feel you…

Covid19 has affected everyone.. You’ve been forced to close or scale back your business and lay off your valued staff…

Eventually, things will clear up, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. But… who’s to promise that your previous employees will be waiting and ready to go? Lots of them have probably moved on…The good news is, there are tons of job seekers out there, waiting for you to hire them.

And with apployMe, they’ll know exactly where to find you! Introducing ApployMe, a game-changing app that simplifies hiring from start to finish.

With apployMe:

Post New Positions with just a few taps!

Print and showcase the apployMe “Help Wanted” flier with the integrated QR code inviting Job Seekers to apply!

Job Seekers can now easily submit electronic applications to your business by simply scanning the QR code displayed in your storefront.

Reach out to the Job Seekers that match your employment criteria.

Finally, print the application (with form fields for SS #, wage, and signature) so that the application turns into an offer letter for the candidate when you’re ready to move forward.

Stop using time-consuming paper applications! It’s 2020. Not 1920. And to help you jump-start your hiring if you register your business this month, we’re offering ApployMe for free for your first 3 months. No credit card required. Take control of your hiring process. Register today.